Did you know?

think outside the box

Here at Langley we look at the person not their offense.  We focus on the circumstances that led to them offending and provide tools to overcome these. A high percentage of offenders face many difficulties, with many facing homelessness, having suffered abuse, experienced trauma in their childhoods, be battling addictions and struggling with mental health problems.


We believe that with the right support any person can make positive changes to their lives – no matter what their history and our results prove it! We have a 2.6% reconviction rate nationally whilst people are in our housing. This goes to show that providing people with the support to live crime-free really does transform lives and gives people hope for the future.

Every day, the work of Langley House Trust transforms lives, prevents further victims and makes communities safer. To help us in our quest to reach out to many more men and women please get involved!