Response to Grenfell Tower

Picture of Grenfell Tower on a sunny day - tall tower block against a bright sky and trees. Grenfell tower used to be a tower block in London but it experienced a horrific fire in June 2017, resulting in much of the building being destroyed and scores of people losing their lives

Grenfell Tower before the fire in June 2017

We were terribly saddened by the recent tragic events at Grenfell Tower, London.

Our hearts go out to all the families who lost loved ones and those who lost their homes.

As a charity and housing association, the safety of our clients and staff has always been a priority.


None of Langley House Trust’s buildings feature the cladding materials such as those at Grenfell Tower.

All our buildings are risk assessed annually and have action plans created and completed.

We remain committed to delivering the highest standards of fire safety possible.