Day of Prayer – Thursday 15th June

The Langely Day of Prayer - banner

The Langley Day of Prayer – Thursday 15th June 2023, 7am-7pm

As part of our 65th Anniversary celebrations, Thursday 15th June is set aside as a Langley Day of Prayer.

At Langley, we have so much to thank the Lord for and believe that, when we humble ourselves, pray and seek His face, He hears and brings healing and transformation. Please stand with us in prayer.

There are different ways that you can get involved:

  • Commit to pray, for Langley, for one hour (sign up HERE)
  • Set a reminder to pray, for Langley, for a minute or two, every hour between 7am and 7pm
  • Join with others across Langley, to pray online for half an hour at 7am, 10am, 2pm and 6.30pm.

The Langley Prayer:

Father of compassion,
Be close to the lonely, be hope for the anxious
And to those in darkness, be their light;
Lord Jesus Christ, you taught us to love our neighbour,
And to care for those in need,
Strengthen us and all the Langley Family
To comfort the fearful, to lift the broken-hearted
And to assure the isolated of your love, and ours;
For the glory of your kingdom and the beauty of your name. Amen

Thank you for joining us in prayer.