£70,000 given for Pathways to Employment Project

Langley House Trust is delighted to have received over £70,000 towards setting up a new Pathways to Employment Project which will provide jobs and skills for ex-offenders.

2 men in a woodwork workshop, one about to chisel some wood

The initiative will involve Langley residents renovating old buildings and gaining skills, training and employment in the process. This will be a significant benefit to ex-offenders who often struggle to secure employment after leaving prison.

Pathways will be a not-for-profit business, with any profits raised going back into the project so that it can expand and provide further opportunities.

The money received so far has come from legacy gifts and individual donations. Funds raised will be used towards purchasing the first house to renovate.

To donate via our Just Giving page, click here.

A report from the Ministry of Justice showed that 68% of prisoners thought that having a job was important in stopping reoffending.*

However, a study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that ex-offenders were the most disadvantaged of all the labour market. In 2010, only 12% of employers surveyed said that they had employed somebody with a criminal record in the past three years.**

Pathways will provide a crucial part of the solution to employing ex-offenders and enabling people to live crime-free after prison. Langley currently has a 2.6% reconviction rate whilst individuals are with the charity.

*Ministry of Justice (2012) The pre-custody employment, training and education status of newly-sentenced prisoners, London: Ministry of Justice

**Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (2010) Disadvantaged Groups in the Labour Market Outlook, Summer 2005