Referral Information

Making a referral to Langley is straightforward and we welcome both personal and professional referrals.

Click here to read our brochure to find out more about making a referral.

Information required* to make a referral:

  • Completed Application Form
  • OASys risk assessment / relevant risk assessment
  • Most recent Pre-sentence or Parole Assessment Report
  • Up to date list of previous convictions

Please contact us if you do not have this information or need support in gathering it.

  • Email your completed application form and supporting documentation to
  • Organisations within Government secure networks or with access to CJSM can use our secure email address
  • You can also post your completed application form and supporting documentation to: Langley House Trust, PO Box 6364, Coventry, CV6 9LL.

Which Project is most suitable?

Our projects differ and some may be more suitable for your applicant than others, for example some projects provide services for specific client groups. The team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and suggest the most suitable project.

  • Click here to find out more about each of our projects.
  • Click here to find out more about our care services.

Want to check the progress of a referral?

We will keep you informed with the progress of a referral. Please email or call 02476 587360 for an update.

* Note: the requirement of this information is supported by the Probation Circular April 2013 and Langley’s Service Level Agreement with the Ministry of Justice