Changed Lives


Langley has given me my life back after death. They’ve been amazing. I’m not scared of living anymore. I’ve got a future.

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Langley helped me to believe that I didn’t have to keep living the way I was living.

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Black man sitting in a church, smiling


I came to Langley in October a few years ago and stayed for 18 months. I’ve been in my own flat ever since.

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One of our residents on an autumn day leaning against a brick wall.


The most difficult thing about losing everything was looking back at what I had and what I lost.

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John, a Langley resident who came from secure hospital and prison, celebrating the progress he has made in the community with a joyous smile on his face. (Name changed to protect identity)


I have big plans for the future… I am much more confident and happy now.

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Langley resident looking sideways on at the camera - he is a young man, dressed in a white t-shirt


Being here is so much better than I could have imagined…

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Young man smiling in a grey tracksuit top


“I used to put drugs before everything else – I won’t put drugs before myself this time.”

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Man in blue t-shirt


“Every day is full of small battles to be won or lost. Langley has helped me every step of the way.”

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Woman staring


“Langley has helped to give me a more positive outlook and they listen. This is a fresh start for me.”

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Man frowning


“I needed three tins of beer before I could manage a shave. If Langley hadn’t been there I’d be a mess, no home, no friends and probably in prison.”

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