“If Langley hadn’t been there I’d be a mess, no home, no friends and probably in prison. Man frowning

I got into drugs and used to go out robbing to feed the habit, and drinking too. I just wanted to get smashed off my face really. I got into more crime and then got nicked and went to prison, and that’s when I changed my ways and started thinking different.

I got out and went to Langley and that really helped me out. My key worker is amazing and I think she knows me better than myself. She’s always been there for me.

I’m in a good place, now in a house, off the drink and wanting to talk to those who are still back there.

What does Langley mean to me? A place to find people who will talk to you, or rather where you can talk to others and learn from them. They’ve been there and now they’re helping you. Now I’ve been there and so it’s my turn to help others.”