Donald “Getting arrested was my lowest point. I had moved [up north] to be with someone but we split up. I got arrested and was sent to prison. It was my first time in prison. I came to Langley in October a few years ago and stayed for 18 months. I’ve been in my own flat ever since.

“Langley has been there for me. One of the support workers was fantastic – he was so easy to get along with, to talk to. He went the extra mile for me. He was putting me on courses – I got my CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card. I became the house rep for six months – I enjoyed that. [Now that I’m in my own place], Langley is here if I need them, anytime I need a chat. I’m a caretaker at a local church now – a key holder there. I volunteer in a local charity shop – I’m a key holder there as well. I open up, lock up, cash up, covering for the manager.

“My hope for the future is to get a job – that’s the main thing. If I had one or two words to describe Langley, I would describe them as ‘fantastic!’ I couldn’t praise them more. Floating support [one-to-one support for someone in their own home] is an absolutely fantastic thing to have. If it wasn’t for this, a lot of people would be on the streets or back in prison. The thing I like about Langley is that you can talk to everyone, from Tracy (CEO) down.

“The Area Manager is a lovely man. He never ever walks past without shaking my hand. Langley’s given me a sense of belonging.”