Emma “Life was very hectic before I came to Langley. I was trying to commit suicide left, right and centre. My boyfriend committed suicide. We’d both been homeless and battling with mental health. I took a massive overdose. I didn’t think for one minute that I was going to be leaving my kids forever.

“Since being at Langley, I’m a million miles on compared to when I first started. I’ve got the strength to stand by my kids and have my kids with me. My biggest goal is to deal with my mental health and to have my kids at the same time and I’ve just about done it. I knew that I had 110% support from all of the staff – there was nothing that I couldn’t turn to them for. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt safe. I feel stable. Langley gave me enough confidence to help me to see that I could actually fight for my kids and stand by what I say.

“I felt like such a failure as a mum. But I know that everything I have done is for them. I feel so much better. I’ve got a job in a charity shop. I love it and they love me! I’ve never had a real job or held a job down before. I got my first TV licence and I’ve had this for a year now! I didn’t have a TV licence before. I’m now paying all my debts off. I’ve got a really nice new place with patio doors. It will be my home where I have the kids. I can’t wait.

“Langley has given me my life back after death. They’ve been amazing. I’m not scared of living anymore. I’ve got a future.”