“The people here really listen to you – I’ve never had that before – they really do care. Woman staring

I needed money for drugs. I started when I was 17 and it was on and off since then. I’d get off them and then get introduced to someone and then it’d start again, so it was always hanging over my head.

I used to shoplift – it was better than sitting around at home all day doing nothing. It’s different now though. I’ve got a different head set now.

I met two of the Langley team when I was on probation. They got me a flat. It’s a nice flat. Being in here makes me a lot happier and much safer. No-one knows I live here. I’m off the drugs now but I still need to get my head straight.

Langley has helped to give me a more positive outlook and they listen. They listen to what I need. It’s nice to have someone listening to me for once.

What does Langley mean to me? This is a fresh start for me. I’d tell anyone struggling with drugs to take a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) and get to Langley!”