John, a Langley resident who came from secure hospital and prison, celebrating the progress he has made in the community with a joyous smile on his face. (Name changed to protect identity)“I had been in [various] prisons and secure hospitals for 19 years in total. I felt hopeful about coming to Langley. It was a place to earn trust and get back into the community. When I got here, I could have said that I wouldn’t do anything, just sit in my room and do nothing. But I didn’t. 

“I’ve now got an NVQ Level 2 in Catering. One of the staff got me onto a Health and Safety course and showed me what to do – now I do it all by myself.


The staff have always encouraged me. They’ve given me a chance. They haven’t said, ‘No, we don’t want you.’ That’s really important to me. I am looking for my own place now. That is a big thing for me. 

“I have big plans for the future. The staff will help me get sorted. I am much more confident and happy now.”