Simon “Before I came to Langley, I was sleeping rough in a tent.

“Most of my adult life has been a round robin of finding work, doing ok for a few months, drinking too much or using too many drugs. I would then end up in trouble, lose my job and end up in a bad way.

“A major factor of getting in trouble has been alcohol. Alcohol has tended to mask the other issues I’ve been dealing with. Before I came to Langley, I could only remain sober for a few days, a week max.


“Coming to Langley has been a real help. I’ve got a roof over my head and I’m away from my local area – getting away from triggers and issues. I’ve also had the space to think about myself.

“Langley helped me to believe that I didn’t have to keep living the way I was living.

“I’ve finished the Pathways to Change programme. I’m now staying on as a mentor so that I can help others that are coming through. Being a mentor will give me purpose – it’s nice to be involved in something that’s worthwhile.

“I’m also getting involved in Pathways to Business. It was great that at the end of Pathways to Change, Langley didn’t just say that that was it but they gave me the option to do something else.

“My plan is to set up a business which will be a combination of garden maintenance and a small plant nursery. I’m grasping an opportunity that is in front of me.

“For the future, I would like some normality! I’d like to be independent – knowing that I’ve achieved something on my own.

“Langley is very good – I’m getting away from feeling like a bit of a failure to being someone I can be proud of. All of the support gives me a reason to get up in the morning.”