Langley resident looking sideways on at the camera - he is a young man, dressed in a white t-shirt“I wanted to come in 1998. I had been in and out of prison so many times and I heard that Langley was a place that would help me stop offending. I was refused permission to come to Langley and placed in a hostel round the corner from my old dealer. I was back on heroin within six hours of arriving there. Predictably, I ended up back in prison and the following sentence was a long one. 

“This time on release I managed to get into a Langley project. I remember being interviewed by Langley in prison where I was told what would be expected of me and what I could expect from them. I was not sure what to expect but – well – being here is so much better than I could have imagined!”

Trevor is now completely drug-free and holding down a job to provide for him and his family.