Clean Sheet becomes part of the Langley House Trust Group

Clean Sheet logo - the words Clean Sheet surrounded by a black line which outlines a page that is being overturnedLangley House Trust is delighted to announce that Clean Sheet has become part of the Langley House Trust Group. Clean Sheet is a leading national charity for the employment of ex-offenders.

Clean Sheet was founded in 2010 and they offer people with convictions the hope of a better future by finding sustainable employment.

Clean Sheet will retain its name, staff and single purpose. However, the Langley House Trust Group will take corporate responsibility for the charity. The takeover will provide financial stability for Clean Sheet.


After housing, sustainable employment is the most important proven pathway for successful rehabilitation of ex-offenders. They have demonstrated remarkable outcomes given their size and resources. They work with over 500 offenders at any one time. In the first half of 2019 alone, they achieved 189 successful employment outcomes.

Tracy Wild, CEO of Langley House Trust, said:

Clean Sheet is a highly successful and respected charity in the Criminal Justice sector. They deliver successful and sustainable employment outcomes for people who have been in prison. Their values are very much aligned with ours. We are delighted that Clean Sheet will become part of the Langley House Trust Group and that we can provide the financial stability and infrastructure that will help the charity to continue finding employment options for people who have been in prison.

Jane Gould Smith, CEO and Founder of Clean Sheet, said:

The Board and I are delighted to become part of a charity which we have always held in the highest regard. With our shared values and a common approach to this most challenging sector which is both compassionate and highly pragmatic, this takeover heralds a new era of hope for the people whom we serve, as well as our partners and our employers.

Both Clean Sheet and Langley House Trust are Christian charities, working with people of all faiths and none.

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