Client Competitions to Celebrate 60 Years

Entry into Langley Bake Off 2015 - an cake iced to look like a snowman, wearing a red hat and a yellow scarf.

Previous entrant in the Langley bake off 2015

Langley will be holding two client competitions to mark our 60th anniversary.

The first competition is a client ‘bake off’, drawing inspiration from the renowned The Great British Bake Off TV series.

Projects will be tasked to create a showstopper cake or biscuit which represents 60 years of changed lives. Clients will need to be involved in the design and bake.

Speaking about the bake off, Samantha Graham, Head of Communications said:

The client bake off is a great way to inspire our clients to learn a new skill and do something creative. Many of our clients lack confidence and self-esteem but something as simple as baking a cake can make a big difference. It is a real pleasure to see how our clients grow in confidence and self-belief as they master this skill and try out new ideas that they would have never attempted before.

Our last bake off in 2015 was incredibly successful with fierce competition between the projects! One of the clients who got involved in the bake off enjoyed it so much that he ended up securing employment at a bakery – the first time he had worked in his life.

The bake off will be judged in June by a panel of internal judges. The bake off winner will have the opportunity to feature their baking at a special 60th anniversary celebration in London in September.

Langley will also be holding a second client competition with clients creating a garden space which celebrates 60 years of Langley. The garden space will be left to our clients’ and projects’ imaginations – entrants could include whole gardens to an innovation in a hanging basket!

Winners of the garden competition will be chosen in July. Photographs of the winning garden space will be also be featured at our 60th anniversary celebration.

Both competitions will commemorate Langley’s 60th year. Since 1958 we have been working with people leaving prison, helping them to live crime-free and reintegrate into the community.

From our very first project in Winchester, we now work with over 1200 people per year and have a reconviction rate of less than 3% for those in our housing – one of the lowest reconviction rates in the country.