Client Survey Results shows 90% Satisfaction

Front page of the client satisfaction survey 2016 - showing the words 'Client Satisfaction Survey 2016 - Residential and Floating Support Services'. Beneath the text there is a grid of pictures showing a staff member and a number of former clients90% of clients surveyed in Langley House Trust’s client satisfaction survey said that they were ‘satisfied’ to ‘very satisfied’ with the support, care and housing management services they had received from Langley in 2016.

The annual survey highlighted the results after 70% of clients completed the questionnaire in autumn 2016 from all of the Trust’s projects, spanning locations as far flung as Bedford and Bradford, London and Lancaster.

The survey gathered feedback on a range of services provided by the Trust, including quality of interaction with staff workers, quality of the accommodation provided and whether clients felt listened to and heard. The survey also spanned the different areas of the Trust’s housing services – care, support and housing management.

Langley conducts the survey each year as part of a comprehensive review of its support and its commitment to putting client feedback at the heart of how it does things. Client involvement and empowerment is central to Langley’s approach and as such, clients are co-opted to the Board of Trustees and regularly take part in the shaping of local and national services.

Other positive results from the survey included:

  • 77% of clients surveyed feeling that their service charge was value for money
  • 88% of clients surveyed feeling staff respected their rights and dignity
  • 91% of clients surveyed being ‘satisfied’ to ‘very satisfied’ with the overall service provided by their key worker

Speaking about the satisfaction survey, Donald Graham, Head of Housing said:

It is a great achievement to see the positive results of the client satisfaction survey. Our staff work really hard with our clients to help them to address areas in their lives that have led to crime, including issues such as addictions and mental health. It’s not always an easy journey so when we see results like this, it means the hard work has paid off. We have seen an increase in the number of responses this time which was a real positive and we are delighted that so many of our clients value the service they receive.