Easter Appeal 2022 – Clean Sheet

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Only 10% of people are in work six weeks after leaving prison, with this figure rising to just 17% after a year. Employment makes it far less likely for an individual to reoffend – somewhere between a third (33%) and a half (50%) in fact.

For our Easter Appeal we would love you to support Clean Sheet (part of the Langley House Trust Group). Clean Sheet helps people overcome a criminal past – sometimes years of being in and out of prison – to start over through finding work.

This is a win all round – and a no-brainer really – but finding work when you have a conviction isn’t easy, even when you want to turn your life around. One Clean Sheet Member, Asif*, applied for 1,150 jobs over three years before and employer said yes. The encouragement and motivation Asif received from his Clean Sheet Employment Team Adviser pushed him to keep persevering in his search.

Employment is key for successful rehabilitation, reducing future victims of crime and creating a safer society. Without work, people with convictions lack a stable income and can lack purpose and a sense of belonging.

Asif is one of the many self-referrals that Clean Sheet has (which make up about 60% of the referrals). People who self-refer to Clean Sheet often have no other support in place and struggle to find work on their own. However they are most motivated – around 80% of Clean Sheet’s employment outcomes come through people who self-refer.

Another Clean Sheet Member, Peter*, tells his story:

“I was 18 when I first went to prison. It was horrible, and really took me by surprise – I was a ‘mummy’s little boy’! Having said that, I did cope with it as a youngster, I didn’t have much to lose. When I went back to prison 10 years later, it was different. I had 1 child and 1 on the way. I just kept thinking to myself ‘how the hell did I end up back here?!’

I just happened to find Clean Sheet when I got out. I didn’t want to waste any more of my life, I wanted to move on and find work. Clean Sheet just really spurred me on! There were times where I thought ‘what’s the point?’, but my Employment Team Adviser was really good, the fact that there was a person there to talk to really helped. I wanted to rebuild my life, and having someone there to help you and make sure you know there are options there made a big difference. I ended up finding a job in construction – I’m so grateful for the support from Clean Sheet.

Life looks great for me now. I’ve reconnected with my kids and their mums which is the most important thing to me. I’m making up for lost time and recognising where I’ve gone wrong in my life, my kids come first now. I’m in the best place I’ve been in years!”

For those leaving prison, things can feel hopeless. Could you help us keep supporting self-referrals like Asif and Peter? Your donation will bring hope to someone coming out of prison and help them get a second chance.

To give you an idea of how your gift would help Clean Sheet:

• £10 will fund an hour’s worth of job search support, including emotional and practical advice.
• £20 will fund an hour’s worth of job search support, and help support another Member to stay in work.
• £33 supports a Member for a month in their job search.

We so appreciate the way you care for our clients across the Langley Group. There is such a need for those leaving prison to find work and we hope you agree that this is a worthwhile appeal to get behind. At Easter time we celebrate new life, hope, and for Christians, that which was broken, being restored. Clean Sheet offers this every day for its members. Could you be a part of this too?

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you a very happy Easter.

With grateful thanks,

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*names have been changed to help protect the identity of our Members