Former Offender’s Story takes Church by Storm

Streatham Vale Baptist Church is the latest church to host speakers from Langley House Trust to share about how we help men and women to live crime-free, with a 2.6% reconviction rate whilst individuals are with us.

Andy (SU) speaking at Streatham Vale Baptist - 1301415Andy* (pictured) shared his story of addiction and being in out of prison which started when he was just 17. He is now 55. Speaking candidly, he talked about the devastating impact that drugs had on his life and how his children had finally provided the motivation for him to stop.

Langley has helped Andy to stay crime-free and drug-free for the last 2 and a bit years – this is the longest time in his adult-life that he has been clean.


Streatham Vale Baptist Church has hosted Langley speakers for the last two years as part of their Monday meetings. These focus on inspiring Christian projects which make a real difference to their communities. Langley is a Christian offender rehabilitation charity, working with men and women leaving prison of any faith or no faith.

*name changed to protect identity