Horton and Langley join forces to help adults at risk

The logo for Horton Housing, a housing and support provider for people in need in Bradford. The logo is all lower case text with horton housing written in two shades of purple and a small graphic to the left of the words - resembling a three-quarter circle and some stripesHorton Housing Association and Langley House Trust have joined forces to provide life-changing support to at-risk adults.

The alliance will result in almost 90 men, including those hardest-to-reach, being helped at any one time. The contract includes housing and floating support services. People will be supported to tackle root causes of homelessness and crime, including addictions and mental health issues, so that they can successfully reintegrate into society.

Although Horton and Langley have worked alongside each other for years in Bradford, this is the first time they will be jointly delivering services within the same contract. Contract delivery will start from 1st April 2016. Both organisations have a long track record of achieving positive outcomes with men who have a history of crime and homelessness.

The contract has been commissioned by Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Horton and Langley will be pooling resources, such as training and recruitment, to help deliver a highly cost-effective service. The service will provide a joined-up, flexible solution that will reduce institutionalisation and increase independence.

Speaking about the partnership, Paul Gartland, CEO of Horton Housing Association, said: “We are delighted to be working with Langley House Trust, which has a great track record of delivering this service in Bradford. By combining our expertise, we can ensure that men who have a history of offending and homelessness can access the support they need to move on with their lives. Horton Housing has been working with the most vulnerable people in the city since 1985 and this is an important addition to our portfolio of specialist services in helping to tackle the root causes of homelessness and social exclusion.” 

Tracy Wild, CEO of Langley House Trust, added: “This is a great opportunity to combine our strengths. Horton Housing is a highly reputable housing association with a similar vision to our own. We are delighted to be working with them to create a real step-change for some of those who are hardest-to-reach in our communities.”

Langley has provided offender rehabilitation services in Bradford since the 1960s. Horton Housing has delivered a range of homelessness and housing support services in Bradford for over 30 years.