Gender Pay Gap Report 2020-21

Langley House Trust is proud to publish its 2020-21 Gender Pay Gap Report, which once again demonstrates our commitment to fair pay between male and female staff.

We have delivered on a commitment from our last year’s report, which was to close the gap identified between males and females receiving bonuses. The definition of ‘bonus’ for gender pay gap reporting purposes includes payments that do not form part of a regular salary and include one-off payments such as our care staff clothing allowance, monetary gift vouchers, Recognition Award Scheme payments, and our Covid Hardship Fund payments.

Additionally, we are pleased to report a healthy mean and median gender pay gap compared to other organisations.

CEO Tracy Wild said:

‘I am proud to present this report which clearly shows our Group’s commitment to achieving consistent pay across genders, and our plans to continue to strengthen our approach. This is part of the Group’s ethos and values.’