Special Occasions

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Perhaps a birthday, a wedding, or some other form of celebration.

Could you consider asking your friends and family to make a donation to Langley House Trust in place of buying a present?

Asking your loved ones to donate to Langley not only supports us financially, but also helps spread awareness of the life-changing work we do with ex-offenders.

There are so many ways you could drum up support and donations for a special occasion, including social media fundraising, creating a just giving page, donating directly through our website, or posting a cheque or CAF voucher.

We would be happy to send out a personalised thank you letter to each of your loved ones (and of course – you!) to acknowledge the wonderful contribution they have made in your name, for your special occasion.

For more information about this, please email: fundraising@langleyhousetrust.org or call a member of our fundraising team on 02476 587 361.

Thank you for your support!