Vision, Mission and Values

Female staff member and male Langley resident standing back to back - both are smilingOur Vision

Our vision is of a crime-free society where no-one is unfairly disadvantaged or excluded because of their past.

It’s a tall order – but it is one that we are committed to. Every ex-offender helped means a step closer to making our vision a reality.


Our Mission

Our mission is to work with those who are at risk of offending or have offended, establishing positive foundations so that they can lead crime-free lives and become contributors to society.

This means safer communities, fewer victims and restored lives.

Our values

At Langley, we are:

  • Christ-centred – we put Christ’s teachings at the heart of what we do and how we do it
  • Responsible – we look after those who are brought into our care
  • Respectful – we value difference and actively engage with others in teams and in partnership
  • Visionary – we see those we care for as individuals and what they can be, and not how society labels them because of their past
  • Integrity – we have strong principles and are honest