Langley House Trust Statement in response to Covid-19

Langley House Trust is committed to operating safe and supportive services for all our clients and staff teams. Throughout the pandemic, we have expressed a desire for clients and staff to feel safe, supported and re-assured when expressing their concerns or fears.

To provide clear accountability and governance, experienced senior managers from across the organisation, representing all areas of the business, set up an organisational taskforce group, meeting regularly throughout the week to deliver quick and effective actions to mitigate any impact from COVID-19. This taskforce has responded rapidly to all changing government guidance and best practising, including from our regulators, such as CQC and Public Health England and disseminated the information and appropriate responses nationally.

Actions Langley House Trust has taken to support clients:

  • Safe services with staff wearing appropriate PPE
  • Operating high levels of infection control procedures, with hand sanitizing, continual two hourly deep cleaning and where appropriate deep cleaning and access to fogging
  • Provided access to ongoing professional support needed in their care through utilising appropriate technology
  • Developing our client offer to involve increased in service entertainment and collating shopping orders to support lock down and minimise multiple client accessing multiple shops e.g. providing tuck shop and smoothie bars
  • Ensuring vulnerable client risk assessments were undertaken and are reviewed regularly
  • Where appropriate and in line with local authority guidance, undertaking staff and resident testing

Actions Langley House Trust has taken to support staff:

  • Refresher training on infection control prevention and the appropriate use and wearing of PPE
  • Forums for asking questions directly to senior managers and the taskforce
  • Developed a booklet which holds all comprehensive service delivery advice in relation to the impact of Covid-19
  • Through centralised monitoring and resourcing of PPE to ensure continual supply lines
  • Access to senior management oversight who provided a coordinated and clearly communicated response to best practise guidance around Covid-19
  • Covid-19 risk assessments and wellbeing assessments have been undertaken for all staff
  • Restricted inter-project travel between projects to only risk-assessed and necessary visits, such as providing area manager support, with home working in between to reduce cross contamination
  • Operating weekly split shift patterns with different teams to minimise risk of cross infection if there was an outbreak
  • Opening a hardship fund, covering household expenditure, for all staff if Covid-19 had led to financial difficulties within their household
  • Central staff teams were supported to work at home, providing all the necessary technology and equipment required
  • Encouraged the utilisation of annual leave to ensure staff are able to rest and feel refreshed
  • Supported phased return to work plans and refresher training for individuals returning from shielding

Actions Langley House Trust has taken corporately:

  • Reviewed operational policies and procedures in light of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Cancelled all corporate face to face meetings and events, replacing these with online meetings
  • Risk assessed all face to face activities which could not continue due to Covid-19, putting appropriate activities in place to mitigate against this
  • Accessed and developed online training and recruitment plans to continue to develop our workforce
  • Communicated continually with staff through video recordings, online meetings, emails and booklet information
  • All spaces and offices within our residential services and central offices have been adapted to meet social distancing guidelines
  • Rewarding staff and recognising their hard work and dedication to supporting clients through challenging circumstances

As an organisation, Langley House Trust remains committed to ensuring we deliver the best services we can, supporting staff and clients throughout this pandemic. The taskforce continues to operate, with scenario planning in place for long term service delivery. We will continue to monitor all government, regulatory and best practise guidance and provide clear leadership and oversight throughout this period.