Langley Opens 80th New Room Since New Year

Langley resident standing in the kitchen of his new home - one of Langley's move-on houses which are semi-independent and are a stepping stone to independent livingWe are delighted to have opened our 80th new room since the start of the year, providing essential accommodation for men and women coming out of prison.

The rooms will provide safe spaces for men and women to tackle the issues that got them into crime, including addictions, alcoholism, poor mental health and homelessness.

Homelessness increases the risk of crime and 11% of prisoners released from prison in 2013-14 had no settled accommodation.

We plan to open almost 200 new rooms before the end of March 2016.

John* (pictured) is now in his new place which will provide an important stepping stone to full independence. He spent 19 years in prison and secure hospitals before coming to Langley but he is now semi-independent and building a new life for himself in the community. His story is typical of the change that is possible with the right support.

Speaking for our latest Annual Review John said, “When I got here, I could have said that I wouldn’t do anything, just sit in my room and do nothing. But I didn’t. I’ve now got an NVQ Level 2 in Catering. The staff have always supported and encouraged me. They’ve given me a chance. They haven’t said ‘No, we don’t want you.’ That’s really important to me.  I am much more confident and happy now. I have big plans for the future.”

*name changed