Langley’s Impact on Reducing Reoffending Confirmed

JDL picLangley’s impact on reducing reoffending has again been confirmed through the Justice Data Lab.

The results show that our interventions made a ‘statistically significant’ reduction in re-offending.

We are delighted to have external verification of a person-centred approach which we know works – and is key to successful rehabilitation.


Justice Data Lab – what’s it all about?

The Justice Data Lab was introduced by the Ministry of Justice in 2013 to provide charities and other non-government organisations with the ability to to measure their impact on cutting crime. It involved organisations submitting a cohort of people they had worked with and comparing the reoffending rates of that group against a matched comparison group.

Earlier results published in 2015 for Langley were similarly positive. However, the results were recently re-run, using Offender Assessment System data (OASys). The OASys is a probation assessment tool which is used to understand the risks and needs of offenders linked to their criminal activity. This provided a more robust picture of the profile of the cohort and included needs such as housing, drugs and alcohol use.

The results returned showed similar results to the earlier reports and gave more confidence about the comparison group used. Langley is the first organisation to use the OASys to calculate a more accurate comparison group.

The people behind the statistics

Behind the statistics are the people that we work with – in this case 231 people who were matched against the comparison group.

Barry is typical of the people found in that cohort. He had been known to Probation since the age of 11 and was constantly in trouble. He ended up in a vicious cycle of crime and prison, without any real hope of change. He came to one of our projects and it was here that he received the help he needed to believe that change was possible. After persistent hard work, he is now ready to move into his own place and is determined to stay crime-free.

The report

The latest findings from the Justice Data Lab are published on the second Thursday of the month. For the full impact analysis, click here.