Pathways to Change Programme launched

The letters 'P2C' next to 4 arrows, pointing inwards. The top right hand arrow is lighter than the other arrows. The full words 'Pathways to Change' are to the right of the arrowsLangley House Trust has launched Pathways to Change, an exciting new rehabilitative community programme at our Elderfield project in Hampshire.

Pathways to Change will help men coming from prison to live crime-free. It is based on a core programe using cognitive behavioural therapy which challenges patterns of thinking and behaviour that previously led to criminal lifestyles. The programme will also help develop men’s skills to live independently and access employment.

Participants take part in a structured programme which incorporates victim awareness, community enterprise, training and social value projects which serve the local community.

Pathways to Change is based on Challenge to Change, a pioneering prison wing community and post-release mentoring programme delivered by Kainos Community, part of the Langley House Trust group, which has run successfully in prisons across England since 1999.

Pathways to Change will be supported by Clean Sheet, one of our partners, who will run a ‘Ways to Work Programme’. This will support men to develop skills to become employment-ready and provide access to a directory of employers willing to give employment opportunities to ex-offenders.

Speaking about Pathways to Change, Tracy Wild, CEO, said:

“Pathways to Change is a great opportunity to help men coming from prison turn their lives around after crime. It combines best practice from the Kainos Challenge to Change prison programme and Langley’s years of experience of rehabilitating offenders in the community. We are pleased to pilot this in Langley’s longest-running project, Elderfield, and continue to drive innovation to help more people successfully break the cycle of crime.”

The programme will officially start in September 2016.

For more information on referral criteria and Pathways to Change click here.

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