Radio Interview Raises Awareness about Ex-Offender Issues

Tracy Wild, CEO of Langley House Trust and sister charity, Kainos Community, was featured on Premier Christian Radio’s Woman to Woman show in July 2015.

Speaking openly about the issues that ex-offenders face, Tracy shared how Langley’s Christian foundation and ethos – including giving people a second, third and fourth chance – made the difference to men and women turning their lives around after crime.

Hosted by Maria Rodrigues, Tracy shared about how Langley’s support helps ex-offenders overcome issues of homelessness, mental health and addictions. With a 2.6% reconviction rate whilst individuals are with us, the support we provide is crucial in helping individuals live crime-free.

We offer hope to individuals. We actually see that their history doesn’t have to be their destiny. That they can have a different future… We care about the whole person, not just the outcome.

Tracy also spoke about our merger with Kainos Community and how this is helping to engage with men whilst in prison. “If we can reach offenders earlier on, we can make a bigger difference in their lives.” Kainos delivers a transformational ‘Challenge to Change’ programme which helps prisoners to address their attitudes, thinking and behaviour so that they can successfully live crime-free on release.

Woman to Woman is Premier Christian Radio’s national show dedicated to Christian women – the only national show of its kind. To listen to the interview, click here.