Service User Satisfaction Results Show Great Result

One of Langley's residents in a blue t-shirt, smiling at the camera, set against the backdrop of a bike workshopThe results from our Service User Satisfaction Survey show the positive difference that we made in 2014-15 in turning lives around after crime.

169 residents responded in the satisfaction survey to share their thoughts and views about Langley.

The results were overwhelmingly positive, with almost 70% stating that they felt our support had helped them to live crime-free.

This was particularly remarkable given that many of those surveyed had had issues with addictions, poor mental health, homelessness, family breakdown and a long history of crime.

Of those surveyed, almost 75% had stopped or reduced their drug and alcohol intake. This was a great result and reflected the trend that we have seen in recent years in enabling men and women to overcome addictions.

Many residents have shared about the destructive impact of addictions on their lives, health and families and how tackling these created the catalyst for lasting change.

Successfully overcoming addictions is key to long-term rehabilitation. It helps to explain our reconviction rate of just 2.6% whilst people are in our housing.

The satisfaction survey took place in autumn 2015 and was part of the annual programme of resident feedback that we carried out. It covered all areas of Langley’s life, including value for money, the quality of support received and whether residents felt that our services had been beneficial.

The satisfaction survey was part of our commitment as a charity to ensure that residents influenced and shaped every aspect of our service. Residents are co-opted to the Board of trustees and regularly feedback at national and regional resident forums.

Speaking about the results, Donald Graham, Head of Housing, said:

We are really pleased with the response level to the Service User Satisfaction Survey. This is a key tool for measuring how we are performing and what our residents feel about the services we provide. It was great to see a high level of satisfaction across a number of areas, including our properties and our service overall.

The greatest satisfaction was seeing that our residents clearly felt that our support helped them to make real changes to their lives.