Team gets set to go to New Wine

This year, Langley House Trust will be exhibiting at New Wine (25th July – 8th August). The event – one of the largest Christian gatherings in the country – will provide the opportunity to share about our work with ex-offenders and how support from individuals and churches can help change lives for the better.

Over 44 churches supported Langley projects last year – with churches donating their time, money and talents to help turn ex-offenders’ lives around and reintegrate into the community. The practical support – as well as the opportunity to give something back and become part of a community – is central to successful rehabilitation.

Wooden treasure box with large padlockAttendees at New Wine will be encouraged to discover what’s in our treasure box and how they can become ‘treasure hunters’ through working with ex-offenders.

Sharing about his his experience at Langley – and how it has helped to shape his life afresh – one resident said: “I felt hopeful about coming to Langley. They’ve given me a chance. They haven’t said ‘no, we don’t want you.’ That’s really important to me.”